We needed to develop core creative for the 2012/2013 Newcastle United FC kit launch campaign for the Home, Change and Away kit. With the chosen creative direction we had to now retouch into place, Close up shot of the NUFC badge, the tear, stadium shot, player shots (4 players) and headline inclusive of the Puma logo and the 
Love = Football icon. 

Having brought all the components together I would then look at the details. This ranges from lighting to skin tone. Looking at the heights of players in relation to each other.  Adding branding to the background. Looking at proportions and setting the mood by adding gradients. This helps to put focus on the players and badge by pushing them forward.

My role was to take the images from the photoshoot and create cut-outs. Then I was able to build my artwork with the assets. The background for instance was created using a variety of photographic reference to give the appearance it is a full stadium on match day. 

I am particularly proud of the sponsor logos across the players chest. The players were originally photographed in the new season kits without sponsor logos. Once that was decided I then applied these to the kit using the vector files supplied.

The artworks were then extensively used on posters, billboards, magazines, in-store,  websites, and retail windows.

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