For the second year running Parrott & Miller undertook the design and management of the Puma stand at the London Marathon Expo 2012. With the continuation of the Faas running story following its launch in 2011, we created a vibrant immersive experience for consumers. 

The stand generated huge interest from visitors who were able to interact with product, trial it on the treadmill, watch exclusive content of Usain Bolt and have their gait analysed using cutting edge foot scan technology with Puma running specialists.

The large graphics were produced in single seamless pieces of printed self adhesive vinyl. These were then stretched across the in situ wooden stand frames for maximum impact. Along with the main structure graphics, we also needed to make and cover bespoke iPad podiums and cushioned seating. The podiums were fitted with plug point access and a lockable door to store the iPads overnight. The seating, emulating iconic boomboxes, held actual speakers pumping out music.

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