To launch Puma's Olympics campaign, we designed, developed and produced the Bolt Speed Test, a 10 x 6m stand designed to tour the UK at various shopping centres as well as outdoor race events. The objectives were to drive credibility for Puma within the running sector focusing on the developments of the Faas running range, launched at the Marathon Expo in 2011. 

Taking the International core creative featuring Usain Bolt and the essence of Puma Running, the stand comprises an emotive, fun engaging side and a rational, educational product immersive side. The emotive side, a 4m running track with a timing device triggered by lasers at the start and finish captures the interest of consumers who are challenged to see how fast they can run in a pair of Faas 800 trainers. Each entrant is entered onto the Runners World leaderboard so they can track progress against their friends/family and is also given a speeding ticket with a 10% discount voucher redeemable in store and online with Sweatshop. The rational side housed the product, cutting-edge gait analysis technology and on-hand Puma staff to explain the properties and successes of Faas.

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